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Jahnke Consulting and Long Term Care Alliance offers a vision for a dignified future no matter what health concerns may arise. We know that our clients and their families treasure the life well lived, and most importantly, the care well given.

Linda Jahnke began working in the long term care industry after graduating from the University of Iowa. Her family experienced firsthand the impact of nursing care expenses when her grandfather and aunt needed care for more than 15 years. She and her husband built a successful long term care insurance agency after relocating to San Diego in 1989.

Linda and Kevin have always focused on solving a problem for families rather than just selling insurance. Education and service is the cornerstone of their practice. Since Linda has only specialized in long term care planning, she and her husband have recently expanded their 

practice to incorporate advocacy and care management resourcing for their clients. This is a specialized service that all of her clients will benefit from.

Since this area of service is so needed, Jahnke Consulting and Long Term Care Alliance now offers this consulting service to anyone who needs assistance to navigate their claim, or to access community services. Connecting those needing care with vetted, high quality, geriatric care managers, and in home supportive services is a welcome relief for families caring for a loved ones.

Linda is a board certified Patient Advocate and currently serves as a board member for the Glenner Memory Centers of San Diego.  


Jahnke Consulting and Long Term Care Alliance provide insurance analysis for current product offerings available in any state. Since they are brokers, they have access to cutting edge insurance products designed to protect families and individuals against the catastrophic costs of long term care expenses. Advocacy services are also available for insurance policy holders who need assistance navigating the maze of paperwork and requirements for a favorable claim outcome. Connecting high quality, care providers to families who need assistance with chronic care protocol is a valuable service. The growing need for care management services for the elderly who have complex, and multiple care needs, is an expanding area of expertise that will continue to be an integral part of the care alliances Jahnke Consulting has developed.


Jahnke Consulting designs long term care product solutions to help families select and direct extended care services. Most often the need for care will be at home, but our clients can choose to live in assisted living or continuing care communities. The value of planning ensures individuals will have the financial means to maintain their independence while continuing to be a vital part in their family and community.

Click Here for an interview of Linda Jahnke by Grace Care Management - 2013

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