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     There are no traffic jams when you go the extra mile. ~Attributed to both Zig Ziglar and Dr. Kenneth McFarland

            When my husband I bought our Long Term Care Insurance policy in 1992, we thought that filing a claim to receive our benefits would be as simple as contacting your automobile insurance company and reporting a “fender bender”. Now that we are in our nineties, and have filed a claim for Long Term Care Insurance payments, we’ve learned how important it is to have an advocate who knows the intricacies of the LTC insurance business. They must work on your behalf if you ever expect to receive the payments due you. We were fortunate that Jahnke Consulting & Long Term Care Alliance became our advocate.  My husband was quite ill at the time, and I was totally occupied with taking care of him, keeping up with the housework, and managing family finances.  Ken realized that we sorely needed help from a home care agency; he called Linda Jahnke to assist him in filing his claim for his home care benefits.  Her knowledge, her persistence and determination, plus the compassion she showed us as we navigated the LTC home care claim course was indispensable. Long Term Care Insurance Companies have laid a mine field of legalese to prevent undeserving applicants from receiving assistance; we doubt that we would ever have made it through the maze they have constructed without Linda Jahnke’s  unrelenting efforts on our behalf!

- Mary Frances Venn, Policyholder

         Clients in need of Long Term Care, and fortunate enough to have LTC coverage, are typically elderly and often dealing with significant health issues. Long Term Care Policies can be very confusing even for many agents. It is especially important for Insurance Companies to provide a claims advocate, like Linda, to communicate with policyholders and their families 

benefit limits and claims procedures. The stress level involved when dealing with a loved one needing care is extremely high, and the resulting relief that comes from the assistance Capitas LTC provides is incredibly appreciated.

- Shirley Chadwell, Chadwell Insurance Services

            My client, who has been suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, has a good Long Term Care policy and her spouse had no way to assess the quality of the policy or how to take steps to begin services. Linda Jahnke was able to provide detailed feedback on the policy, help them navigating the claims process and advocate on their behalf.  These clients are not unusual in their hesitancy to take steps in address the declining health and cognitive capabilities of one spouse. Gentle intervention of family members was proving fruitless.  With Linda’s help, we were able to begin the process, and face certain realities, many family’s do not want to face.  With the claim advocate, fears were eased, questions were answered, solutions were given, and care was secured.  Claim forms and paperwork is difficult for any person to navigate, but a claims advocate eased the tensions and explained the process that was helpful to both the insured and insurance company.  These clients needed help to start the process.  It was a difficult decision initially, but in two short months, policy benefits will be paid and caregivers will be put in place.

- Sheldon Goldman, Senior Advisor, Hoyle Cohen

             When it became apparent we needed to file a claim on our LTC, I thought surely my 40 years of insurance experience would allow me to quickly resolve the claim process. I was wrong. I was not prepared to negotiate with the carrier who made the process extremely difficult. 90 days into the process it became clear I needed an advocate. I called Linda and within a few days the claim was approved. Without Linda's knowledge of the claims process and her personal intervention on my behalf, the claim might not have been resolved favorably. I can't praise her enough. You and your clients need an advocate in the claims process and we owe it to our clients to offer her services.

- Bill Rooney, Rooney/Crull Financial & Insurance Services

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